• Code “/G”: black antislip pad NBR 70 shore H6 undrilled
• Stainless steel base in 1.4301 (1.4401on specific request). On request anti-slip rubber 70 shore. Stainless steel screw in 1.4301 (1.4401on
specific request). The leveling element could be supplied, on request, with steel nut.
• Load values above mentioned have to be considered referring to static conditions calculated at the half of the screw length. In conditions of vibrations or in presence of dynamic loads these values should be reduced. For further information consult our technical office. We cannot accept responsibility for mounts that have been tampered or modified
code/P2 = Available with Thin pitch thread.
Ø 100
Ø 100 – Antislip
Ø 120
Ø 120 – Antislip
Ø 159
Ø 159 – Antislip