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Accessories in respect of the strictest hygienic regulations: Tekno-Hygienic & 3-A (or 3A) Line is a very specific product for high demanding environment concerned with hygiene, food and dairy industry among all. Other applications can be found within the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Supports, leveling components & accessories, designed to comply with the strictest hygiene standards. Martin is the only one to offer ¼ turn latches with 3-A certificate RPSCQC # 29 and IP69K

Hygienic Extension
Closing system 3-A with Handle
Low-profile hygienic screw 3-A
Hygienic Support
Hygienic Top Cover 3A
Dome nuts & Bolts 3A
Handle with supporting washer
Star Knob
Closing System 3A IP69K
Closing System 3-A & IP67
Washer 3-A
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Martin Hygienic Extension - 2 settings
Martin Hygienic Extension - 2 settings