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360° Stainless Steel solutions by Martin

Martin offers 360° Hygienic Stainless Steel solutions for your machine.

Martin Tank Feet

Martin manufactures tank feet and components according to the highest hygienic standards of the 3-A regulation, also alternatively offering stainless steel plate support and related USDA-certified elements.

Foot with compression loading cell

A new product in our 3-A certified line, made in cooperation with Laumas.

Merry Christmas from Martin Spa

Even Santa Claus appreciates the quality of Martin feet.

Make it Hygienic with Martin

The video shows how Martin products meet the strictest hygiene certifications (3-A, RPSCQC)

Compression adjustable 1/4 turn latch

Compression adjustable stainless steel closure, adjustment from l10 to l21. Gaskets sil. blue, ip67 seal.

Hygienic Machine Feet, 3-A accepted

Martin’s contribution to fighting food poisoning.

New future prospects for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Technical features of Martin’s innovative hygienic products: they meet the most advanced standards required by certifications from institutions such as 3-A, USDA, FDA, which promote food safety and public health through improved hygienic design and engineering.

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360° stainless steel solutions by Martin
360° stainless steel solutions by Martin