• Load values mentioned have to be considered referring to static conditions calculated at the half of the screw length. In conditions of vibrations or in presence of dynamic loads these values should be reduced. For further information consult our technical office. We cannot accept responsibility for mounts that have been tampered or modified.
* Ø 40: MOQ for PA base 1.000pcs · PA Base with socket for screw SW17 – DIN 933/UNI 5739 • Screw on request
** Chromate case available, sligthly articulated galvanized steel screw
Ø 20/25/28/32/35 PA, fix stem
Ø 20/28/32 PA, galvanized steel screw
Ø 40 PA galvanized steel screw
Ø 25 Hexagonal PA, galvanized steel screw
Ø 38 PA base with Hexagonal seat, fix stem
Ø 40 with socket for screw SW17*
Ø 40/50 tilted stem**
Ø 26 – 30° articulated stem
Ø 38 – 30° articulated stem